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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  January 31, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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but first, it's 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. in the east. breaking news out of virginia. an amtrak training carrying republican lawmakers collided with a truck just outside charlottesville. >> 55, 60 miles an hour, i'm not sure. but we were going at a good clip. it was a hard impact. obviously smashed the truck pretty badly. >> couldn't find a pulse. so we started cpr. worked on that person for several, several minutes and didn't go real well for that gentleman. we just could never get him resuscitated, i'm afraid.
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we tried shocking him, just could never get a good airway. and basically at some point in time dr. row and i decided we need to go because all of our attention on the other person who at least had a pulse. >> the crossing was down by the time i exited the train and the lights were functional. i don't know what that means, but it appears the railroad crossing did have the appropriate safety equipment. >> the train was headed from washington, d.c., to the retreat in west virginia. that train was chartered for these members of congress. these are live pictures right now of the train. looks like some people are starting to get off that train. that happened just outside charlottesville. the ntsb has sent a go tam-team investigate.
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we have one injury in the truck, one lawmaker sent to the hospital, and one staffer being examined as well. kasie hunt is interviewing a lawmaker right now. >> a really loud sound. we noticed some of our colleagues who were standing fell to the floor. we didn't know what happened those first few minutes. and then some people started looking out the window and were able to see that we had hit this truck. but for a few minutes we weren't sure what was happening and it was quite scary. >> were there families, injuries in the car where you were, and how did you find out that there was one death in this accident? >> mostly it was people who were standing up who ended up suffering minor injuries. i now know there were two colleagues who were taken off the train because they suffered some head trauma, maybe concussion. all of us on the train feel pretty blessed. we know it could have been a lot worse. yes, we did later find out that
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the driver of the truck apparently passed away, very sad. we still don't know exactly how that happened, but our thoughts and prayers are with their families and those who are recovering as well. >> what are you all planning on doing now? is the retreat going to go forward. what's next for this weekend? >> we do plan to continue. there's a lot of important lchb business to discuss. we're try to draft a compromise, so that's important. this is a tragic event. but we have to continue doing our work and we're thankful for many colleagues, including a lot of democrats who've been texting us and asking about us. a little reminder how fragile our lives are. >> what about the man who was lost in this accident? >> our hearts are with you. there has to be an investigation if there was some failure with
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equipment at that crossing. our heart breaks for him. that's what everyone, once we realized we were all okay, we were looking outside the window and hoping the best for those who were on the truck. >> at this point is there any indication this was anything owner an accident? >> no, it appears that was an accident. at first we didn't know. a lot of people i think thought the worst, maybe there had been an attack on the train. >> thank you so much for your time. i appreciate it. >> that was congressman talking to kasie hunt. msnbc's garrett haake is in white sulphur springs, west virginia. that is where the lawmakers were going to hold their retreat. garrett, they're shaken up, obviously. this is a brush with tragedy again. we saw another tragic situation last year over the summer at that softball practice with the
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gop. what is the status of whether or not they're going to hold this retreat? >> katy, it's impossible not to think about this incident in the context of the softball shooting in virginia last summer. there were so many of the republican members who were at that field whose names we heard again today. jeff flake was someone involved in caring for the driver and the passengers in that truck. brad nguy there was one involved in both shootings. roger marshall, another republican physician who's on the basketball team but didn't go to practice that day was on the train caring for two people in the truck who was injured today. as of now, it does to be the word from the congressional institute which sponsors this event says the event will go on. this two-day, essentially working vacation that many
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members attend with their families and members of their staff will go on here in west virginia. it'll be done on an adjusted schedule. there will be a moment of silence, a moment of prayer, and a security briefing that will happen for these members when they arrive. now, back timing this, it's about a two-hour drive to get down to the greenbrier resort where they'll meet. there will be a strange emotional turn if the schedule goes on as printed, there will be a briefing at 5:30 about tax reform, one of the big topics of for this event. the marquee will be mike pence expected to speak at the dinner tonight. they will be partially open to the press, so it will be interesting to see the kind of words, the kind of comfort he chooses to provide to these lawmakers who have gone through a very strange and traumatic day, especially for those that
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are traveling to this event with their children, katy. >> garrett haake in west virginia. thank you very much. joining us by phone is congressman lee zeldin, republican from new york. congressman, you were on the train. how are you feeling? >> we just got off the train. we're moving over to buses. and the fact that there were more injuries that the train was able to stay on the tracks when at first the collisions took place, we thought something went wrong and the train started slowing down, i was grateful it was able to come to a full stop. that mitigated the possibility of injuries for those who were injured and especially for the driver who passed away. they're all very much in our minds right now. their families are in our minds.
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and just very grateful that train was able to stop. and also, because there were a lot of children on the train, that they're okay. they were quiet. they weren't -- it wasn't -- but they weren't screaming. they weren't crying. fortunately they had their parents with them to console them and they're okay. >> lawmakers' children, staffers' children? >> i'm only aware of lawmakers' children. you have many members -- you have almost all of the republicans in the house and the senate on the train, including leadership, not everyone, but almost everyone. many do bring their spouse, a bunch of others bring their kids as well. as you were just covering, part of the purpose of a retreat on the policy front will be the substantive meeting about what to do with the legislative
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policy agenda ahead, but there's a spouse program and a children's program. one of the other goals of the retreat is for spouses to be able to spend time with other spouses, children to spend time with other kids. we do spend a lot of time in washington, d.c., away from home, so one of the goals of the retreat is for them to be a little bit more involved in understanding what we're working on. for that purpose, you do have -- my train car possibly eight or ten kids. >> we got a statement from mitch mcconnell. he says my colleagues and i are deeply saddened by today's train accident. my condolences to the entire senate family and the victim's family, friends and coworkers. our deep gratitude is with the police, firefighters and medical personnel who sped to the scene.
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congressmen, we just saw jeff flake on the screen. he's one of the many lawmakers who was also at the congressional softball practice over the summer with that shooter. this is happening. it's a lot. in the span of less than a year for this republican conference. are you a little shaken up? >> well, i'll tell you, i was sitting directly behind senator flake who's here with his wife and his son. there's a dynamic of having a spouse and having your children here. but he has an older son. that has greatly weighed on us every single day putting today
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completely aside, steve scalise had another surgery a couple weeks ago. that has weighed heavily and how the dynamic of the captain poli -- capital police were there and saved their lives as well. what happened today, the capitol police, the amtrak personnel quickly responding, people steig in their seats, a callout for doctors, not just members, but you have spouses of members. you have people who if they've seen an injury to the left, even if you're not exchange of rendering first aid, you help until support gets there. seemed like we had a helicopter over our train in about 20 seconds. i'm not even exaggerating. it was really quick. and the part of the goal is rendering first aid who whoever
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needs it, but police doing their job, just like they did on the softball field. they can't assume that this is just an accident and it's only one vehicle. they put their procedures in place to secure the train. and local law enforcement shows up to help with that, but the professionalism and quick response for something that's totally unexpected, just like the softball field in a completely different situation. and the capital police are ready for any. >> reporter:. it's amazing what they do. >> lee zeldin of new york, good to know you're okay. good to hear your voice. >> take care, good to talk to you. >> as i mentioned a moment ago, kasie shunt in charlottesville. she got a hold of senator jeff flake just a moment ago. let's listen.
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>> can you walk us through what happened today? sounds like you were involved in really tough work. >> we were going at a pretty good speed. and all of a sudden we heard, obviously, a loud crash and felt an impact. everybody around was kind of thrown around the train car. i looked to my left out the window and could see i was four cars from the front, so i saw the truck as we went by. took us a while to stop. and so i worked my way ten cars back and climbed off. brad win strop and dr. cassidy also were off. they were working on the man, the deceased, cpr was performed for a long time, but didn't work. and then the other person was
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severely injured. these men were on the back of the truck and they were thrown from it. they were working on the man that was injured for quite a while, for about 20 minutes. but he was breathing, obviously, very serious condition. and then we finally got him on the stretcher after 20 minutes and carried him a couple hundred yards to another ambulance waiting. so, anyway. >> what was it like inside the train car? was there anybody around you who was injured? >> yeah, a few people who were up, anybody who was standing up got thrown around quite a bit. i think chuck and others were thrown around. i think they took somebody to the hospital with just concussion protocol.
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but as far as serious injuries i don't think there were any on the train. we'll see. >> when you went to try and help with the man who ultimately was deceased, did you think there was hope of saving him? >> i didn't work on that man, i was with the other one. they worked on him for quite a while, but he was deceased, i think. i think it was quite an impact that hit the garbage truck. it looked like he bore the brunt of it. >> is there any indication this was anything other than an accident? >> not at all. seems to have been just a horrible accident. i was with brad win strop there. all to reminiscent of the scalise incident where the two of us were there as brad was cutting away the jacket so they could attach some of the life-saving equipment. my mind went back to the same
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thing, cutting away steve's uniform so we can apply a tourniquet. anyway, so. two reminiscent. >> talking to kasie hunt about this accident. this only happened this morning. the ntsb is sending a go-team. they're going to try and figure out exactly what happened, but you heard it just right there, jeff flake saying there's no reason to believe this was anything more than just an accident. just a reminder for our viewers, unfortunately, sadly, one fatality, the driver of the truck. it was a pretty horrific accident. one fatality, one critical injury in the truck, one lawmaker sent to the hospital, one staffer being examined as well. the reports right now are that those were very minor injuries. but, again, one person in that truck right there has been
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confirmed dead. another person, critically injured in a horrific crash off amtrak in virginia this morning. we're going to keep you posted on that. there's a whole a lot of news happening in washington today. and we need to get on the record with this. breaking news from the fbi. in a rare public statement, the bureau expressed grave concerns about releasing devin nunes secret memo. joining us from washington is pete williams. pete, a little bit earlier i heard you describe this release of a statement as unusual. explain why that is and what exactly is going on here. >> unusual for several reasons, i think, katy, because first of all, everybody has to talk around this thing because it's classified and most of us haven't seen it. the fbi's seen it and they say, first of all, this shouldn't come out because it deals with classified material. the fbi takes its obligation to the process very seriously.
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this was an application for a warrant from the foreign intelligence surveillance act. the classified court to monitor the communications of an american suspected of dealing with the russians. secondly, though, they say this memo written by committee staff which was reviewed by fbi shouldn't come out because it is incomplete and misleading. i'll read what they say. as expressed during our initial are you ever we have grave concerns about material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo's accuracy. in other words, they say that the committee staff that wrote this picked out selective things from the government's application for this warrant and left out other things. by only repeating some of them, they give a misleading impression of what the evidence was in seeking this warrant. for all those reasons they say it shouldn't come out. >> christopher wray and rod
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rosenstein were at the white house try to compel the white house not to release this memo. the reporting we have is the white house wants to release it. we have the president caught in a hot mic last night saying he was going to release it. does the fbi, does the doj, do they have any authority or any real influence other than asking them not to do so, what's going to happen if they really don't want this released and the white house ends up releasing it? >> then it'll come out. you're right, it's going to be the president's ultimate call under the rules that the house is using. the president, of course, has the you wouldn't authority under the government to declassify anything he wants. i'm not certain as a legal matter whether the president's release actually declassifies it or not. that's an interesting legal question, but in any event, no, all the fbi can do is ask. if this thing comes out i don't think we'll hear from the
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government about this from at least the justice department and the fbi. i was told earlier if it did come out, because it's classified, the justice department people believe they can't take us by the hand and walk us through it and say here's why this is misleading and this is left out because it's classified. so i think what we have from the fbi is sort of a preempttive statement to get ahead of the note coming out that has a feeling of finality and the fbi is saying don't take this thing at face value. >> if it is declassified, if the president releasing it essentially declassifies it, would that change the way the doj could respond to it? >> i don't think so because he doesn't -- it would technically change the classification of the memo itself, but not the information on which it's based. >> this is based on a fisa warrant. >> exactly.
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>> to tell our viewers a fisa warrant, you need multiple things in order to get a fisa warrant. there's word that they're talking about the dossier in this memo and saying the dis was used to get a fisa warrant against carter page. it would need to be more than that, though,, right? >> well, and what we're being told is it was a lot more than that and by, again, we're sort of talking around something we haven't seen, but only based on what people have said, they've been told by other people who have seen it, that the dossier is only if it's part of the fisa application, it's only a small part. and we can concluded what everybody's saying, at least people who think this shouldn't come out is, if that's what the memo says it ignores the other stuff that was in the fisa application. >> pete williams in washington. thank you very much. >> you bet. last night while staying hands with republican lawmakers, president trump was caught on a
11:22 am
hot mic telling one lawmaker he would release the memo. >> release the memo. >> don't worry, 100%. >> this was after they were told not to do this. also yesterday, you might remember we had republican congressman chris stewart on the air who said this yesterday. >> we had director wray come down with two aides who are the most knowledgeable on fisa courts and the facts of this case. the three of them read the memo. we asked them are there any factual incrazies, they said no. and they gave us the go ahead to release the memo. >> congressman stewart saying they got the good idea from christopher wray, but now we're getting a stately from the fbi that they don't want it released. we went back to congressman stewart's reps to ask him what he was talking about.
11:23 am
the response from his reps where the comments that the congressman shared were his understanding of the meeting. i'm joined by former homeland security secretary jay johnson. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for crossing the street. we appreciate it. we're talking about this memo. this is a reminder, this is devin nunes's memo which is going to allege abuse and a fisa warrant against carter page. the democrats don't want this released. the fbi doesn't want it released because they say there are factual inaccuracies in there. they're calling it very reckless if they do so what's the process to get a fisa warrant? >> first i feel like i have to catch my breath. this is not the way to run a
11:24 am
government. if someone wants to declassify something, and the president of the united states is the ultimate declassification authority, but there's a review process in place , that its way up a chain according to published reports this morning, general kelly agreed that the memo should go through an nfc process, in other words the national security council will consider whether or not to declassify the information in this memo. the problem with that is the president apparently has already signaled what he thinks should happen. the person at the top of the chain has indicated according to that hot mic moment what he thinks should happen. nevertheless, this is the kind of thing that has to go a through a process to make sure everything is considered, to make sure that declassifying information doesn't institute damage to our relationships with foreign governments or
11:25 am
compromise sources and methods or damage national security. and so i hope that we go through that process and that people in the cabinet in national security will take the appropriate time to consider this. >> jay, your mic is getting covered up by your jacket. >> sorry. >> sit up so we can hear you clearly. in getting a fisa warrant, i'm of the understanding, and correct me if i'm wrong, that you need multiple things to do so. it can't rely on one piece of evidence or one piece of information. it is a very thorough process and it's got to be approved by a number of people. in talking about a fisa warrant and declassifying the way in which someone got a fisa warrant, how problematic will that be and will it be problematic to reveal how we gather intelligence? could that hurt us? >> very possibly.
11:26 am
it could compromise sources and methods, those we rely on to gather intelligence. you have to go through a judge to get a fisa warrant. a judge who's independent, appointed for life. when you get a fisa warrant, it's because a judge is satisfied that there is sufficient basis to believe that the warrant should be issued. and so if the underlying evidence is flimsy, then a judge should be able to see that and deny the warrant. >> we haven't seen the memo but we have reporting around what's in it. the last portion that talks about rod rosenstein staying it was okay allowing this fisa warrant to be put on carter page. rod rosenstein is an appointee of donald trump. carter page was a campaign adviser, a foreign policy adviser. what does it say to you to have a donald trump appointee in his
11:27 am
place saying it's okay to spy on a donald trump campaign staffer because the intelligence community may think that he is working with or for the russians? >> well, i happen to know rod rosenstein a little bit. he's a career prosecutor. he's the ultimate career prosecutor. he's about as straight an arrow as they come when you talk about federal law enforcement officials. and so i'm sure that first and foremost, rod rosenstein, our deputy attorney general sees his obligations to the law and law enforcement separate and apart from who appointed him. if it's something he supports, it's important to law enforcement and it's important to continue the investigation. >> when the fbi says grave concerns, that's strong language. >> very strong language. >> what is grave concerns translate to for the fbi? >> that's about as serious as one could because he is a national security concern. from my days at the pentagon we don't throw around phrases like
11:28 am
that unless we're really, really concerned about what it is people want to do. >> jay, we want to talk to you about cybersecurity, but we've run out of time. can we have you back to talk about cybersecurity? >> understood. >> thank you very much. former dhs secretary, jay johnson, thanks for your time. we're going to continue following this conversation. next we'll talk about the politics of the memo. we're here to find out what's going on between capitol hill and the white house and was there potentially any sort of coordination between the two in order to get this memo out there? smile dad. i take medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. but they might not be enough to protect my heart. adding bayer aspirin can further reduce the risk of another heart attack. because my second chance matters. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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we're still following that breaking news out of virginia. we are told the congressmen's buses are on their way to the event. the president also just brought reporters in for a spray, as we call it, on taxes. he'll probably mention the train crash.
11:33 am
and when he does, we'll bring that to you. let's talk to the politics of this nunes secret memo and what is exactly going on between the white house and capitol hill? to do that let's bring in our reporters. ph phil ruckear, and kimberly atkins from the "boston herald." i was talking to jay johnson a moment ago, phil, and he was expressing how extraordinary it is to have the fbi say grave concer"grave concerns" about releasing something. he says that's about as strong as it gets. but donald trump met with christopher wray, or john kelly met with him. they said don't release this. yet last night as he was leaving the house chamber after the state of the union, he was caught on a hot mic telling a congressman he would absolutely
11:34 am
release it. sounds like donald trump, surprise, doesn't trust his justice department. >> yeah, that's exactly right. i don't think there's been any doubt that president trump wants to see this memo come to light. he knows who it's purported to say, to highlight the justice department and the fbi and undermine the mueller investigation of russian collusion and obstruction of justice, which is the political aim of president trump. so he very much wants this memo out. i think the white house chief of staff john kelly, they're trying to adhere to a formal process to check all the boxes before they release the memo. but the president wants it out. >> phil, from your reporting, what do we think is in this memo and how can it help donald trump, i should say? >> we haven't seen the memo, but it's supposed to be a summary written by the republican staff of the house intelligence committee which is compared by congressman nunes that lays out
11:35 am
a series of examples that could taint this investigation into russian collusion, including the methods by which the fbi and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein went about getting swarnts. >> chief of staff john kelly was on fox talking about the memo saying he wants to release it. let's listen in. >> rod rosenstein and the fbi director wray don't want you to release the memo, will you guys? >> it will be released pretty quick and the whole world can see it. >> like people say, he wanted 100% to release this memo. >> the president will never put american people's lives at risk and threaten our national security. if anything in this document does that, he will not release it. >> i'm trying to figure out who to trust, and i'll take donald trump the person to trust because he's the one who said he wants to release it.
11:36 am
deputy press secretary says he's not sure the president read the memo. a lot of mixed messaging from the white house. senator riden has just said if they're going to release this, he's got a list of sensitive but still classified information that the american people deserve to see. i imagine that the republicans are not going to allow that to happen, but the republicans are talking about how the best disinfectant is sunlight. they need to get this out there. i'm confused because republicans have long championed our law enforcement and intelligence gathering. they went after hillary clinton for a year for having classified information on her server that could have been hacked by another foreign government. yet they're saying, hey, it's okay, we can release information how we gather our fisa warrant. >> and release information as far as we could tell no reason other than a political one,
11:37 am
which is to fortify the argument the president is making that this is a witch-hunt. when i speak to national security folk, they talk about the importance of this information not because it's classified for classified sake, but what it could reveal. it could reveal the thinking, the way the decision process behind how somebody is investigated and surveilled. . that's the reason that it is being protected. christopher wray is someone appointed by president trump is expressing these concerns about this and having the president it seems to be moving forward to release them. >> seems like he doesn't care who he's appointed or not appointed. if you want something released, he's going to release it because this is something that could potentially help him a lot. republicans are saying, paul ryan said this, chris stewart
11:38 am
said this yesterday, this is not about mueller. this is really about the fbi. but the reality is this dossier, the way that they were able to surveil carter page, carter page having some sort of interactions with russia, it's hard not to see this as a way to undercut the mueller investigation. congressman chris stewart was on our air yesterday telling me with a straight face that christopher wray and two aides had seen the memo and that they were totally fine with releasing it. he said that they were asked by republicans are there any factual inaccuracies, they said no. is there anything that would sbaj national security, they said no, and they gave at us go ahead to release the memo. i pushed back on him and then we have -- sorry. chris stewart said this on
11:39 am
national television. i pushed back on him and now we have the fbi saying we have grave worries about releasing this. it's hard not to see this as anything more than politics when you have somebody claiming something that is completely not true. >> seems like this is definitely going to be politics because you have the democrats saying if you're going to release the nunes memo why wouldn't you also release our memo? if all these memos are released it doesn't get to the root of the case and the actually facts that the memos are based off. of course, the statement by the fbi put out today, it really pushes back on christopher stewart's casting or this memo will not portray the full picture and the evidence upon which it's based. there's this idea the fbi is
11:40 am
leaving no questions about how they feel about this memo, and i think president trump is really dogged with this idea of the russian investigation and this russian cloud that hangs over the white house. if he thinks releasing the memo is going to make his life easier and make him look like he has less to gain from having a relationship from russia then the memo will be released. if he makes the calculation that this is going to hurt him. that's the only way, i think, this memo doesn't get released. >> the former spokesperson for donald trump's legal team has been contacted by the special counsel according to nbc news news, and he's agreed to an interview. the word was kimberly, when he is interviewed how significant an kbuf could he be? >> that's very significant because it gets to this issue of
11:41 am
intent. what involvement the president in particular had in potentially crafting a misleading explanation for one of the core pieces of evidence in this potential obstruction case. that's going to be a very important interview for robert mueller. it just shows that there is a very thorough and careful examination how he may have participated. >> kimberly atkins, lawyer and reporter for "the boston herald." fellowship rucker. guys, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. the republican exodus continues on capitol hill. trey gowdy won't run for re-election. we told you this was a busy day. mark murray joins me next. except for these two fellows. this time next year, we're gonna be sitting on an egg. i think we're getting close! make a u-turn... u-turn?
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slow heart rhythm has been reported. tell your doctor about bleeding new or unexpected shortness of breath any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. if you recently had a heart attack, ask your doctor if brilinta is right for you. my heart is worth brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. we are also following breaking news, again, from capitol hill. republican congressman trey gowdy who's been at the forefront of investigations into benghazi said he will not run for re-election. in a statement released earlier today, he said, quote, there's a time to come and a time to go. this is the right time for me to
11:46 am
leave politics and return to the justice system. mark murray, nbc senior politics editor joins me now. he said in his statement this is about going back to the justice system. you found there's an intriguing opening. >> absolutely. there's a vacatesy on the fourth circuit court of always. he was a career prosecutor before coming to congress. he had his eyes on some type of judicial appointment, and this could be that. this is all speculation that he decided to do this because of the vacatesy in the court of always, but it ends up making some sense. go do he is also chairman of the house government oversight committee, and that is a job that is a plum position when you're a
11:47 am
republican investigating a democratic administration. but given that republicans are in control of the white house and congress, that job isn't assist plum as it used to be. that was one of the reasons you saw jason chaffetz leave. now gowdy is the latest chairman of that committee who says i'm not going to run for re-election. >> any thoughts or reason to believe that this could be part of a republican awakening to say if the democrats take over congress, i don't want to be in the minority with this man, with donald trump as president? >> katy that could be a possibility, although in this district, donald trump won 60% of the vote in 2016. this is going to be a district in republican hands no matter what. but what we have seen has been quite an exodus of chairman of all types of committees of the house of representatives who have announced their retirements. some of them have certainly been geared to not wanting to face a
11:48 am
tough re-election. we saw that play out in new jersey, pennsylvania, and california. this doesn't seem to be exactly that, but you add it all up and you do see a big story that republicans including republican chairmen are leaving. >> joining me here in the newsroom is fill leap rienas, former adviser to the hillary clinton campaign and elise jordan former adviser to rand paul's presidential campaign and "time" magazine columnist. i'm not sure why we gave you all your titles since we're short on time. tray crowdy is leaving. what does this do for the democrats? >> a lot of democrats including me and i think, my boss cheered because he's been part of the problem the last few years. to mark murray's point, it's amazing how many republican
11:49 am
chairmen said they're going to leave. it might be because they don't want to be there either way. they are probably pretty frustrated not to stand up for mr. gowdy or others, but it has been hard to be a republican under donald trump. >> is that fair? they put a number of republican judges into position. a lot of republicans say that donald trump's gotten a lot done for their agenda. do you think this is a frustration on the republican side? >> donald trump has consistently put republicans in a really untenable position of backing conservative principles or backing just donald trump and whatever his ideology and whim is at the given moment. with this memo, the very contentious memo, the house is
11:50 am
debating it. gowdy was on the side of it being released but let's go through proper channels so let' investigation. make it clear this is not the mueller investigation. and he is arguably far more responsible. >> are democrats, are they able to capitalize on all of the energy that is out there, these retirement, do you see anything for stalling a through wave in 2018. >> honestly no. i'm not supposed to say that and raise expectations but i think if you look at what happening with the exception of the tax cut and with the exception of the market, which are not insignificant exceptions, but i think if people were not feeling so much richer from the stock market which is odd since many of them aren't in the stock market but think they are, there is no question that president trump's party is heading for a
11:51 am
shilacking. and if i were president trump, i don't know that i would be that upset about that. i think the worst they do -- at the end of the year, probably the more helpful for him if he could avoid impeachment or other unpleasantries for 2020. >> democrats getting into power. you are not a democrat, but do you they try to impeach him. >> i think they definitely try to impeach him. and that is where the fever pitch is moving and there is pressure among the activist camp of the democrats to call for his impeachment now. and a little bit too soon before we know what the actual results of the russian investigation, what bob mueller has found out. but this is definitely not going away any time soon. >> fun fact about philippe, he played donald trump in the mock debates for hillary clinton: do you have an impression? >> i don't. other than -- last night i was watching him and i thought if donald trump can't make the state of the union not boring, nobody can.
11:52 am
>> oh, gosh. philippe reince and alise -- >> catty tur. >> a train carrying republican lawmakers to a retreat collided with a truck. that is a serious turn and you made me smile through it. i'm not smiling. we'll hear from one of the lawmakers in the horrific horrible crash coming up next. things than rheumatiod arthritis. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you. xeljanz xr is a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. it can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection.
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tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. tell your doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common and if you have had tb, hepatitis b or c, or are prone to infections. xeljanz xr can reduce the symptoms of ra, even without methotrexate. ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz xr.
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this time, it's his turn. you have 4.3 minutes to yourself. this calls for a taste of cheesecake. philadelphia cheesecake cups. rich, creamy cheesecake with real strawberries. find them with the refrigerated desserts.
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11:56 am
back to the breaking news in virginia. the buses carrying republican lawmakers taken off that amtrak train involved in a crash are on the road headed to the retreat in west virginia. we know that one person in the garbage truck hit by the train was killed and another critically injured and one member of congress has been hospitalized. joining me now by phone is congressman tom cole of oklahoma on board the train. congressman, first off, are you okay? >> you're very kind to ask. i am. and just quickly just so you know, brad west rup is sitting right in front of me. so if you would rather -- i could tell you what i saw or he could talk about what he did. i'd be happy to turn the phone over to him. >> we would love to talk to him. hang it over. >> >> okay. hang on. katy tur. >> hello. >> you did some heroic things.
11:57 am
tell us what happened. >> as we were going along in the train it felt like we went over a boulder, which isn't easy to do on a train. but that is what it felt like. and then we took quite a bump. and then we came to a stop after about 200 or 300 yards and then it became apparent that we had hit a truck, a garbage truck. >> go ahead. >> and you could look out of the window and see it on its side and i heard someone say there is a couple of people laying on the ground. and so -- and the train had come to a stop and tried to get off as fast as i could with a couple of the other doctors behind me. and when we got off the train, i had seen a guy out there walking around who i saw him check a pulse on one of the guys and i was yelling to him, did you get a pulse? so one of the people from the truck was standing, tending to
11:58 am
him and the two on the ground, you would say, he didn't get one on the one guy and so dr. row went to the one -- they did not make it. we began life saving measures, attempted cpr and i went to the other one who had a lot of blood from around his mouth and nose. and of course he was unconscious at the time. and just worked to maintain his airway and then check to make sure he wasn't having mouth or throat filling up with blood to where he might inhale it, aspirate it and have trouble breathing. so labored breathing but he was breathing. and then some equipment came and we got some gloves and then one of the members who was a thoracic surgeon, his wife is with us and she's an
11:59 am
anesthesiologist and she tried to int bait him before it swells out and it was challenging because he's not sedated. and we had trouble with that. but he was able to maintain an open airway and then ultimately we knew we had a good heart rate going and blood pressure was fairly stable. >> that is good. >> so we got a neck brace on him and got him on the board and got him to a ambulance which was logistical challenge because all of the vehicles that showed up and the terrain. but we were able to get him into a ambulance and we're praying for him. >> we are too. our thoughts are with that gentleman. and how horrible to hear about the other person in that garbage truck who lost their life. congressman, you could now add not only doctor to your resume, but first responder.
12:00 pm
thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. and that wraps things up for this hour. ali velshi will pick things up right now from washington. ali, what a terrible day. >> unbelievable. as much as i hear about the description of how it happened, each time i hear it again, it is really -- it's terrible what happened. but it was great to see that some people got involved in trying to make a bad situation a little bit better. but our thoughts are with those -- the gentleman who lost his life and the family of those injures. and i'll pick it up from here. i'm ali velshi. and lawmakers on buses headed to their retreat in west virginia after a chartered amtrak train they were on collided with a garbage truck. as katy said, one person in the truck died. an amtrak spokesperson said two crew members and two passengers have been transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. white house press secretary sarah sanders said no members of congress or their staff were seriously


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